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HOW TO REACH AND ACHIEVE INTIMACY: When you meet someone on our live intimate chat lines please remember this : take your time in getting to know the person, be patient and a good listener ask questions and apply your common sense and better judgment before making an actual date. Our intimate chat lines designed to protect your identity . there are no photos ,addresses or phone numbers. Your anonymity is in tact unless you give out your personal information. we recommend to leave out last name, phone number, address and name of work place. get comfortable with you new phone pal before you divulge any personal data.

ABOUT OUR INTIMATE CHAT LINE: Our intimate chat lines offering a discreet and safe way to chat, lough and meet a new friends right in your own neighborhood or across the country ! you meet real people no paid operators in our chat rooms.


BACKGROUND CHECK: When checking background, let your common sense and instincts guide you ! Ss you can see privacy is our highest priority . that`s why we don`t conduct background checks on our callers. we encourage you to do your own homework via asking questions, internet search and applying your best judgment. If you encounter some one under age please alert our customer service.

SAFETY FIRST WHEN YOU MAKE A DATE: If you choose to meet and make a date use your best judgment and utilize the following helpful tips. tell a friend where you going and give the friend your date`s name and phone number. don`t let your date to pick you up use your own transportation. Meet in a public place when there are many people around like restaurant, coffee shop etc. don`t drink excessively as it could impair you judgment. If your date wants to go to another place use your own car.

WHAT WIKIPEDIA SAYS ABOUT PHONE SEX: Phone sex is a conversation between two or more people on the phone when one or more of the individual describing the act of sex. phone sex takes imagination on both parties because virtual sex is difficult, there isn`t any physical contact. the sexual explicit chat takes place between adults over the phone. couples will often engage in phone sex when the inconvenience of distance makes physical intimacy impossible. It`s still debatable whether phone sex can be consider infidelity. A key advantage of phone sex compared with physical intimacy , is that it can`t transmit a sexual infection. phone sex is very common on our chat lines , busiest hours are late nights and Saturdays and Sundays mornings.

ONLY TEXT MESSAGE: (818) 497-0145

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